“Helping Cool Earth to halt tropical deforestation makes a real difference.
Perhaps the biggest difference we will make in our whole lives”  
Sir David Attenborough


The copier paper that SAVES TREES

It is not often that an exciting development comes along in the world of paper, but Office Club is changing that with a groundbreaking new approach to the sustainability responsibilities that go hand in hand with paper production. With Cool Earth Paper it is not simply a case of offsetting carbon emissions or re-planting replacement trees, it is supporting an innovative new project that is actually saving trees.

Cool Earth Copier Paper contributions will preserve at least
83 acres of rainforest this year.

Office Club has partnered with Cool Earth to create a game changing new product that supports the charity work on the frontline in the rainforests. Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction, putting local people back in control, giving them the resources needed to keep their forest intact. This is not just another “green product” put out there to make you feel good. It is an approach that research proves to be the most effective way of keeping rainforest standing. Their homes are now on the front line of deforestation. They have the most to lose from deforestation.

The Cool Earth approach is so effective because they put people, not trees first.

By partnering with rainforest communities to improve quality of life, this enables them to protect their surrounding forests from threats such as commercial logging, commercial agriculture and extractive industries. Since 2007, Cool Earth has worked in all three rainforest biomes – the Congo Basin, Amazonia and Oceania.

Their partnerships are located on the frontline of deforestation, in countries where the threat to the forest is greatest. Cool Earth grows by word of mouth, with neighbouring villages and new communities asking to work with them too. This is integral as the partnerships are driven by the communities they work with as they help put local people back in control.

The Impact of Cool Earth:

  • An award winning community-led conservation model that has been successfully replicated in all three of the world’s major rainforest biomes.
  • 116 village partners throughout the world, and more rainforest under the 24/7 protection of indigenous people than any other NGO or government.
  • Protection of 901,000 acres of rainforest that would otherwise have been destroyed.
  • Safeguarding the habitats of more than 80 species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

In one year Cool Earth paper has contributed to help save approx.

trees in the Amazon Rainforest, increasing by approx. 1,660 every month

The mill where it is produced has a story to tell too!

Cool Earth Paper is produced in the EU from forests specifically grown for this purpose using low carbon biomass power. The Kymi pulp mill produces biomass based electricity, biochemicals, soap and crude tall oil as a production residue. The mill generates more energy than it uses. The surplus electricity is sold to the national grid.

UPM has been listed as the forest and paper industry leader in the in the Dow Jones European and World Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 2018-2019 for the sixth time. “We create value by seizing the limitless potential of bioeconomy, this is what we are committed to do at UPM“, says Sami Lundgren, Vice President, UPM Environment and Responsibility.

The UPM Kymi mill used is located along the River Kymi in Kouvola, in South East Finland. The integrated Kymi mill includes a pulp mill and a fine paper mill.

logosPEFC and EU Ecolabel certified

Cool Earth Paper is PEFC certified, an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification.

Additionally the production process has achieved the EU Ecolabel, which recognises the product as having a reduced environmental impact throughout its life cycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal. Recognised throughout Europe, EU Ecolabel is a
voluntary label promoting environmental excellence which can be trusted.

Award for Excellence

Cool Earth copier paper has had the prestigious Stationers Company Warrant extended from the previous year as the 2019 judging panel saw further innovation and development of the product. The Stationers’ Warrant is now in its fourth successful year and has been developed to recognise excellence within our industries.  It was originally introduced by Past Master Helen Esmonde and takes The Stationers’ Company back to its roots as a Livery Company in recognising and promoting excellent products and services.

They have since awarded over 30 Company Warrants and is constantly developing year on year.   Winning entries have the honour of using the Company Warrant on their product or promoting their service, which has proved a real positive selling point.

As our market places have changed, The Stationers’ Warrants has also witnessed changes by seeing not only traditional products such as pens and notebooks but also services that are unique and very relevant to our industry.

Sammy Bartley, newly appointed Chairman of the Warrants Committee commented “this year has seen a huge interest from companies outside of the Stationers’ Company but who have a creditable status within the industries the Company represents”. The awarding of the warrant is huge industry recognition, adding credibility to the quality of the product in addition to the exceptional environmental stance.

Please support
the copier paper that SAVES TREES

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